Climate Solutions Now – 50 Climate Solutions

Counting down 50 days, solutions and actions ahead of COP26.

Why Climate Solutions Now?

The climate crisis is humanity’s biggest threat, but it’s also an opportunity to create a better, more equal world for all.

We already have solutions to ensure our societies and economies work in harmony with us and the planet. 

Building a more inclusive future requires taking action in all areas of life. The time to act is now. Later is too late.

Together, we can fix it.


In the 50 days leading up to COP26, a diverse group of organizations have come together to showcase steps towards a whole-of-society response to the climate crisis.  

Watch this space for a new solution and action each day, covering a range of issues, including  energy transformation, gender justice, urban adaptation, youth, food systems, health and more.

Together, we’re calling for climate solutions to be scaled, funded and implemented by decision-makers now.



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We don’t need more empty #ClimateAction promises.

We need leaders to cut emissions 🛑 and scale innovative solutions 💡 to the #ClimateCrisis before 1.5°C is out of reach!

Need inspiration? Check out 50climatesolutions.org for daily solutions and actions ahead of #COP26.

We can reduce emissions 
We can achieve gender justice 
We can preserve ecosystems 
We can adapt cities 
We can reimagine food systems 
We can protect livelihoods 
We can fix it 

Don’t cop out this #COP26. Act now. 50climatesolutions.org

Only whole-of-society #ClimateAction can mitigate the #ClimateCrisis. This leaves vast opportunity to ensure societies & economies work with the planet. We have solutions to build a more equal 🌏. 

The time to act is now. Later is too late. 50climatesolutions.org

In the 50 days to #COP26, 50ClimateSolutions.org is showcasing daily solutions & actions to create a better, more equal 🌏 in the face of the #ClimateCrisis.

Watch this space for innovation across energy, gender, health, food, urban design & more. 

Together, we can fix it!

Is your organization driving solutions to the climate crisis? Get in touch.